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Who dis

As you probably know by now, my name is Philip and here you'll find me writing mostly about web development stuff and things related to it.

I work at tretton37 as a software developer, in this writing moment.

I live in Höganäs, Sweden, with my wife.

The things I like to blog about, and also think quite often about, are subjects and concepts that I felt like was hard to grasp or had a hard time figuring out when I entered the vast world of software development. I'm truly passionate about helping others to overcome the first milestones, wether it's OOP classes or learning the concept of abstraction. So my hopes are, that my posts will help you learn something new, or atleast help you get where youre already going.

I've written a few articles on medium, but I'm really not a big fan of it. Hence the creation of my own blog.

Tech specs

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If you have any questions about it, ask away!

Thanks for being here

Posted by Philip Englund - September 28th, 2020